WELTRAUM 024/2023<br>Ana Dana Beroš

WELTRAUM 024/2023
Ana Dana Beroš

WELTRAUM 024: Ana Dana Beroš
27. 04. 2023

Ana Dana Beroš is an architect with a critical spatial practice, which has components of artistic research, documentary filmmaking, curating, publishing/broadcasting, and exhibition design. She is based in Zagreb, but often explores contested borderscapes of Europe and beyond. Co-founder of ARCHIsquad – Division for Architecture with Conscience and its educational program UrgentArchitecture in Croatia. Interest in architectural theory, experimental design and publishing as spatializing practice led her to co-found Think Space (2010-2015) and Future Architecture (2016-2021) international platforms, and currently LINA (2022-2025). The LINA member DAI-SAI ongoing project From care to cure and back, under her curation, explores critical architectural heritage on the case of The Children’s Maritime Health Resort of Military Insured Persons in Krvavica, and encourages transformation of both material and immaterial environments from “spaces of a common disease” into places of “common healing”. Her most renowned project Intermundia on trans- and intra-European migration was a finalist for the Wheelwright Prize at GSD Harvard, and received a Special Mention at the XIV Venice Architecture Biennale curated by Koolhaas (2014). In her pluriannual research and relational reading of migrant bodies and migrant territories, she departs from non-representational theories, the practices of witnessing that produce knowledge without contemplation. The fragments of the migratory archive, a border documentarism formed together with the filmmaker Matija Kralj Štefanić, have been made public in different formats, exhibitions and publications (2016-2022) – and lately within a documentary series “Three-voiced: Stories on the move” (2022-).
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