WELTRAUM 021/2023<br>Vida Rucli

WELTRAUM 021/2023
Vida Rucli

WELTRAUM 021: Vida Rucli
23. 01. 2023

Vida Rucli (1993) is one of the members of Robida, a collective that works at the intersection of words and spatial practices in relation to the small village of Topolò, at the border between Italy and Slovenia. In 2014 she co-founded Robida magazine, a situated magazine which speaks of Topolò never mentioning it directly but operating with concepts the place generates. She co-curates the public program and projects of Robida collective, working in the intertwinement of theory and practice by writing and imagining the village’s future. With a background in architecture, she is interested in rural epistemologies, in the relation between margins and the centres (in spatial and cultural sense) and in feminist ways of approaching/working with/taking care of rural landscapes.

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