WELTRAUM 014/2021<br>Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance.

WELTRAUM 014/2021
Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance.

25. 3. 2021
Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance.

After the exhibition at the Piran Days of Architecture in Pecaric Gallery, then in DESSA Gallery in Ljubljana, at digital platform of the 22nd Salon of Architecture in Novi Sad and at the web conference by the Architectuul, the project Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance. The Art of Monuments of Yugoslavia 1945-1991 continues its journey along the path of memory in Koper’s salt warehouse Libertas. The exhibition is organized by Avtomatik Delovišče, AB magazine and DESSA Gallery in cooperation with the Municipality of Koper. The project has a live transmission from two memorial locations, Ilirska Bistrica and Črni Kal, and we will be accompanied by Architectuul live, Kosovo Architectural Foundation and live radio show WELTRAUM on NORadio.

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