WELTRAUM 009/2020<br>Polonca Lovšin:<br>Urban Nature

WELTRAUM 009/2020
Polonca Lovšin:
Urban Nature

29. 10. 2020
Polonca Lovšin: Urban Nature

Boštjan Bugarič was talking with Polonca Lovšin, an architect and artist, who holds a PhD in visual arts from the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Her work focuses on self-organized initiatives and alternative ways of living and working. Her interdisciplinary approaches combine architecture, contemporary art, urbanism and the social sciences. She is interested in artistic research, collaborative and participatory practices. Polonca received numerous awards, scholarships and residencies, such as the Jakopič Award for Artistic Achievement in Slovenia in 2018, an art residency at the Wysing Arts Center in Cambridge, UK, in 2009 and an Artslink residency in New York / San Francisco in 2006.

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